Business Aid Business Solutions Consulting Company

Anti-Crisis Solutions

Anti-crisis consulting from Business Aid is a complex of measures, orientated at stabilization of a company economical position, analysis and dissolution of financial problems, identification of burden expenditure articles and disclosure of additional budgeting resources.

Financial Services

Financial consulting by Business Aid is delivered comprehensively and includes diversified fields of knowledge, such as marketing research, efficiency estimation, examination of a competitive activity and so on. For financial feasibility of a business you can contact our sister company Viva Consulting.

Management Accounting

Management accounting is an ordered system of disclosure, evaluation, collection, registration, interpretation, integration, preparation and analysis of important management information and economic indexes. These procedures are performed for usage by administrative structures and development of efficient solutions.


Professional business consulting services are efficient tools, provided by supernumerary specialists, which are used for company’s audit and development. The complex of consulting services includes diagnostics, planning, solutions development and their implementation, management projects realization and further monitoring of its efficiency. Business Aid delivers consulting services according to a number of principles:

  • confidentiality of client’s data;
  • support of favorable and comfortable partnership conditions;
  • rejection of cooperation in case the project seems to be a failure;
  • provision of legally based recommendations;
  • honest and punctual information of a client about possible risks.


Business Aid is specialized in a number of consulting fields:

  • personnel solutions;
  • financial services;
  • branding;
  • anti-crisis management;
  • management accounting.


At Business Aid we believe that business consulting is a complex of actions, developed for coordination and adjustment of company’s operational processes. The complex includes a wide range of economic, financial, personnel and management aspects. The proprietary tactics, developed by Business Aid are irreplaceable for an investment activity, risks management, strategic planning, sales increase, marketing research and so on. Also, we have a sister company named as Panaly Consulting offering professional feasibility study in Dubai

Business Aid practices three types of cooperation and service delivery:

  • coaching, personnel training, related to management solutions, a corporate culture and professional communication;
  • direct consulting, realization of an entire project by the Business Aid specialist;
  • outsourcing, supplemented by practical education of client’s professional team.
  • All divisions of our company consist of professionals in the field of civil, arbitration, administrative law, audit, hr-consulting, accounting and tax accounting.
  • Our advantages;
  • Big work experience;
  • A wide list of consulting services;
  • High-quality of provided services;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • An individual approach to each client;
  • Strict confidentiality;
  • The optimal terms of services rendering;
  • Impeccable reputation;
  • The advantageous location of the company.

Our Values

Trust and respect for our clients and business partners!
Our clients are well-known entrepreneurs and business owners, large and medium-sized companies in various fields of activity (trade, tourism, banking, industry, building, research activity, security, high technology, charity and more).
We have great experience and we are ready to provide services to enterprises of all possible forms of industries and its properties.

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